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Your Top Budgeting Mistakes

Budgeting can be very challenging, especially if you are just starting out. The good news, it DOES get easier. But even those who have been budgeting for a while might not be perfect. Here is a list of the most common budgeting mistakes I see.  Are you doing these? Being Unrealistic Budgeting is a lot…

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Are deals costing you your dreams?

Every single day our inboxes fill up with the latest deal at our favorite retailers. The question is, are these deals saving us money or are they the reason we live paycheck to paycheck? Let me share a story about the last 24 hours. My Wife’s Birthday Present Nichole’s (my wife) birthday is coming up…

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ABCs of Retirement

IRA, 401(k), 403(b). What does all of this gibberish mean? Preparing for retirement can be very confusing. Some retirement options are tax deductible and some grow tax-free. The number of retirement options grows all the time. What is the difference and which option is actually right for you? To save you time I have compiled…

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What is an Emergency Fund?

Emergencies are something that each and every one of us have to deal with. These are surprise expenses or ones you did not plan for. I recently experienced a pretty significant “emergency” in my household. Last week I was laid off from my job as a web developer. My salary contributed to 60% of my family’s…

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