Month: March 2017

Your Credit Report

Today we are talking about your credit report, what it is, how to view it, and how it impacts your life. What is a Credit Report? In short a credit report is a document that is used to monitor all of your credit history. It contains a variety of information about you and your credit.…

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The W-4

Last week we talked about how a tax refund is actually not a good thing. But how do you prevent a tax refund. Well, when you started at your current employer you were told to fill out an IRS Form W-4, commonly called just W-4. The W-4 tells the government about your family situation to…

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The Tax Refund

It is tax season and that means one thing, TAX REFUND CHECKS! Most people cannot wait to file their taxes. The sooner they file, the earlier they get their “free” money from the government. Most people already have their refund check spent even before it comes. Are you planning a vacation? What about buying a…

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