Month: November 2016

Black Friday

I cannot believe another Black Friday is upon us. In case you have never heard of Black Friday, it is the magical day after Thanksgiving where people will stand in line for hours (some even days) just to get an amazing deal. But is it really worth it? Black Friday Fun My very first Black Friday…

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Are Credit Cards Evil?

I had a finance professor in college tell me, “credit cards allow you to take a 30 day interest free loan and then in those 30 days you can invest that money to make a profit.” That is some of the worst advice I have ever received and this was from a tenured professor. Past…

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Credit Card Rewards

I meet a lot of people who talk about credit card rewards like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They talk about using them to see every country in the world. I also talk to people who use their credit card to pay for everything, just to rack up more and more rewards.…

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